Definitely NOT Dracula -Complete Edition-

A NaNoRenO 2017 original project

By: ROSAMORADA (Peccolia)

Type: Kinetic Novel

Genres: Dark Humor, minor Horror, Slice of Life

Rating: Mature, NSFW, for language and violence

Length: ~30,000 words, 2-3 hours

Life in the small town of Bail is peaceful, if not exactly normal, for July Marsh until an accidental midnight run-in with a vampire provides a literal change she'd never been looking for. Family drama collides and her once-peaceful life becomes the hub for a motley crew of bloodsuckers—but it's only temporary. Right?

This is the full version attempt of a five-chapter kinetic novel, imperfect, but absolutely playable/readable, started and completed within the month of March for NaNoRenO. A full list of warnings is included in the novel.

Thanks for checking it out!

EDIT 9/27/17: Now playable on this page! Also mobile-friendly. Not all audio or background images work on mobile, though. It saves on each page--if you close out, a dialogue box will ask if you want to load from where you left off or start over when you return to the page. Plays best on Firefox across all systems. 

Install instructions

Here's a few things to get you started:

1. Unzip the .zip file and make sure the music and image folders are present and have content. There should be 21 music tracks, 31 images and 21 sounds.

2. Open the HTML file "Definitely Not Dracula Chapter One" in the web browser of your choice.

3. Click the arrows below the text box to continue to the next page or return to the previous.

4. Each page autosaves so you can close without worrying, then choose the option to return to the title screen or load your autosave/last read page upon relaunching.

It has only been tested on Windows, but should work on any OS since it runs with a web browser. Please let me know if there are any issues.


Download 192 MB

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